If You Hate Doing Assessments Then You are Doing it Wrong

Blog Post from ‘Ideas and Thought’ – Dean Shareski


For many teachers, grading and assessment are the duties of teaching most would rather avoid. I get it. For many these things get it the way of learning in that they are contrived , mandated, artificial and time consuming. My personal evolution with assessmentis well documented here but as I continue to tweak my workflow and process have to come see this has a powerfully enjoyable experience. For my students final assessment here was their task:

Tech Tasks
A simple summary and assessment about the quality, consistency and timeliness of your work. Grade yourself between 20-30% percent of the course.
Grade yourself between 15-25% Use a rubric or your own standard based your favorite blogs. Be sure to reference the criteria discussed on the course assignment page.
This will be a challenging one for some of you but the core of this will be your interview with your mentoring teacher. I would like a report that highlights your involvement as well. Grade yourself between 20-30%
Social Learning
This will be about a one page report answering the 2 questions: What did I contribute to the learning of others? and What did I learn from others? 10-20%
Final Reflection
This will be a media presentation of your learning. We’ll talk more about the format of this next week. This will be the only assignment that I’ll grade exclusively. You decide between its value between 10-20%

Educational Resources for Web Literacy

In a world of information overload, it is vital for students to be able to find information on the Web, as well as to determine its validity and appropriateness. Our web literacy materials demystify the process Web so you can impart the vital skills students need to be safe, successful 21st century learners.