Common Sense Media: Special Needs

Apps for Kids with Special Needs and Learning Differences

A fresh look at learning

If your child has a special need or learning difference, you’ve come to the right place. Common Sense Media gets lots of requests for product recommendations from parents whose kids struggle with traditional learning. Some of their kids have a hard time with schoolwork; others have trouble staying on task or find it difficult to express their feelings.

Our hope for you and your kids

No matter which hurdles your kid faces, the apps and other media included in Power Up can give them an added boost. We don’t expect an app to be a complete solution, of course. Working with kids who face challenges requires lots of time, attention, and patience on the part of a parent, teacher, or other adult caregiver. Our goal is to offer you a host of fun, well-designed apps that were recommended and tested by field experts. We hope they can become a part of your toolkit as you work with your child

Flipboard App

I am in love with Flipboard!- The app AND Chrome extension is transformational for teachers! It is a MUST HAVE for administrators, educators, parents and students. It simplifies the entire ‘file sharing’ system. It is even a streamlined RSS feed. The recent addition allowing Flipboard users to create their own ‘Magazines’ is amazing! So, weather I am reading something IN my iPad Flipboard App OR browsing the web using Chrome (use the Chrome Flipboard  extension), I can add articles, links, sites, feeds, tweets, posts…anything to specific magazines in Flipboard – and then SHARE with my colleagues.

Here is how Flipboard describes themselves on their website:

Find everything that matters to you from world news to life’s great moments. Just tap the [+]  to save anything from the web – stories, photos, audio and more – into your own magazines to flip through later or share with friends.