The CCSS and PBL

In the age of standardized testing and with the move toward the Common Core for the majority of states, the driving question for many teachers is: “How can I best prepare my students to meet these demands?” While core content area teachers feel the most impact, with math and English Language Arts being the most scrutinized, Common Core makes it the responsibility of all teachers to ensure our students are meeting proficient and advanced standards. One of the best ways to share the responsibility for Common Core is for teachers to design interdisciplinary Project Based Learning units. In addition to serving as an authentic purpose for the math and ELA skills in the Common Core, PBL, no matter what content area is the focus, promotes the acquisition of critical thinking skills needed by students.

Common Core and Math

Check out the tree below to get an idea of how the middle school math content in the Common Core fits together for 7th and 8th grade. Clusters of standards are indented once, while the standards themselves are indented twice.

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