Primary AUP for Classrooms

If you’ve got a 1:1 iPad classroom or have at least one iPad being used by students, then you need an acceptable use policy. What might that entail, you ask? Well I’m so pleased you ask! Basically, it’s an agreement by the user (students, teachers, admins, whoever) to handle the iPad with care and return it just like they found it. Simple as that.

Lucky for you, there’s a printable PDF available here and embedded below that enumerates the various ways someone should use the iPad. It is a pretty general acceptable use policy for iPads and seems (to me at least) that it’d be perfect for a K-12 classroom. For example, the users of an iPad agree to have an adult plug in the iPad if the battery is dead. I don’t think that would need to be included in a higher ed policy. But what do I know?