Group Tweet?

Why GroupTweet?

Unlimited Contributors
GroupTweet enables 2 to 100,000+ contributors to tweet from the same account. GroupTweet does not charge per contributor or team member. No longer is the burden of content creation on one person’s shoulders. Contributors’ names can be hidden or displayed at the beginning or end of each Tweet. Whether you have a small group powering a company account or thousands of people powering a group account, you can leverage the power of the crowd with GroupTweet!
Use GroupTweet Dashboard or Any Other Twitter Client
Contributors can GroupTweet in two ways: They can login to your group’s private dashboard – great for contributors without personal Twitter accounts! Additionally, contributors with personal Twitter accounts can GroupTweet from any Twitter client and device. Requires little changed behavior from contributors – simply instruct them to include a hashtag in their Tweet or send an @mention or DM to the GroupTweet account!
Moderate and Schedule Messages
Do you like the idea of having multiple contributors add content to your Twitter account, but still want full control over the content and timing of what gets Tweeted? Message moderation and Smart Scheduling allow you to make sure the message coming from your Twitter account is consistent and timely.
Build a Community
With GroupTweet, groups can consolidate discussion of many into a single Twitter account organized on your very own GroupTweet homepage. This helps users develop a community on Twitter, increases conversation and engagement, and is easier for group members to follow. Users describe the GroupTweet experience as like having your own Twitter based message board.


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